UPSがFAAからPart 135 Standard Certificateを取得

UPSの子会社であるUPS Flight Forward, Incは、FAAに対して、目視外飛行によりドローン配送事業を行うための事業認可といえる、Part 135 Certificateの取得申請を行っていましたが、2019年9月27日にPart 135 Standard Certificateを取得したとのニュースが出ています。

FAAのHPに、10月1日付でPackage Delivery by Drone (Part 135)に関する説明が公表されています。以下、HPの抜粋です。

As drones are introduced into everyday life in the U.S. — from recreational flying to commercial uses — FAA‘s number one priority remains safety. Whether manned or unmanned aircraft, FAA requires that all operators follow specific guidelines for the operations they request.

The FAA is encouraging innovation through the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Pilot Program (IPP) by working with industry, state, local, and tribal governments to realize the benefits of drones, while informing future rules and regulations.

Participants in these programs are among the first to prove their concepts, including package delivery by drone through part 135 air carrier certification. Part 135 certification is the only path for small drones to carry the property of another for compensation beyond visual line of sight.

As participants in these programs move to prove their concepts, they must use FAA‘s existing Part 135 certification process, some of which FAA has adapted for drone operations by granting exemptions for rules that don’t apply to drones, such as the requirement to carry the flight manuals on board the aircraft.

All part 135 applicants must go through the full five phases of the certification process.

The FAA issues air carrier certificates to U.S. applicants based on the type of services they plan to provide and where they want to conduct their operations. Operators must obtain airspace authorizations and air carrier or operating certificates before they can begin operations.

Certificates are available for four types of Part 135 operations:

  • Part 135 Single Pilot. A single-pilot operator is a certificate holder that is limited to using only one pilot for all part 135 operations.
  • A Single Pilot in Command certificate is a limited part 135 certificate. It includes one pilot in command certificate holder and three second pilots in command. There are also limitations on the size of the aircraft and the scope of the operations.
  • A Basic operator certificate is limited in the size and scope of their operations. Maximum of five pilots, including second in command. Maximum of five aircraft can be used in their operation.
  • A Standard operator holds a certificate with no limits on the size or scope of operations. However, the operator must be granted authorization for each type of operation they want to conduct.

UPS Flight Forward, Inc., a participant in the Integration Pilot Program (IPP), became the first company to receive a Standard Part 135 air carrier certificate to operate a drone aircraft. On September 27, 2019, UPS Flight Forward conducted its first package delivery by drone with its part 135 certification when it flew medical supplies at WakeMed’s hospital campus in Raleigh, NC.

The FAA issued a Part 135 Single pilot air carrier certificate for drone operations to Wing Aviation, LLC in April 2019. Wing Aviation is also part of the IPP.

The FAA is currently working on six additional part 135 air carrier certificate applications that have been submitted by IPP operators and one 135 application that was submitted by an FAA Partnership for Safety Plan (PSP) participant.


  • 目視外飛行を許容するPart 135 certificateには、(1)Part 135 Single Pilot、(2)Single Pilot in Command certificate、(3)Basic operator certificate、(4)Standard operator certificateの4種類があること
  • (4)の許可の取得が最も難しい反面、オペレーションの規模や範囲に制限がないこと。但し、具体的なオペレーション毎に個別許可は必要であること
  • UPS Flight Forwardは、上記(4)の許可を取得した最初の事業者であること
  • Wing Aviation LLCは、2019年4月に上記(1)の許可を取得していること
  • 更に6社がPart 135 certificateの取得申請を行っており、FAAにおいて審査中であること




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